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Keith owner New England Online MarketingHi there, my name is Keith Cantelmo.

I want to thank you for stopping by to check out my site which is dedicated to providing the best local business marketing services to businesses who advertise, live and work anywhere in New England.

I am a self taught online marketer.

This means that I have had to earn everything, every success I’ve had in the online marketing space.

New England Online Marketing provides customers with good old fashioned customer serviceTo this end, I have decided to integrate online technology with good, old fashioned customer service.

The result… I provide my clients with a personal, detailed marketing experience at an affordable price.

I have established this company to help consult small businesses with their marketing plans.

So what makes me an expert in marketing a local business?

New England Online Marketing effectively navigates the SEO updates for local businessesIn 2011, many changes occurred in online marketing.

These changes have altered the playing field between the large corporations which have extensive marketing budgets and the downtown, local business owner who has to be more frugal with their money.

To try and explain all these changes would take a VERY LONG TIME!

Read About Some of Them Here

However, in a nutshell, the criteria that the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing use to list local search results to enhance their customers experience has changed.

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The same SEO (search engine optimization) techniques formerly used in traditional internet marketing are now being applied.

New England Online Marketing helps local businesses with SEOThis combined with the right amount of “local SEO” is the formula for success in the search engine results, thus success for the local business!

Still sounds a bit confusing right?

It can be for those who do not deal with online marketing on a daily basis.

Also, this information is SO new, that many marketing companies are unaware that this change has even taken place. This isn’t because these companies aren’t trying to do the best for their clients, but it’s because the changes happen so quickly!

Unfortunately, this means that they are using outdated techniques to help their clients.

New England Online Marketing keeps up with the latest changes in online marketingI have completed several specialized training specifically designed to put me on the cutting edge of these changes.

This combined with my years of online marketing experience allows me to provide my clients with the most up to date information in the local business marketing arena.

I have tapped into several online resources to ensure that when more changes occur, I am the FIRST to know.

Let Us Help Your Business Navigate Online Changes

Let Us Help Your Business NOW!

New England Online Marketing helps local businesses with their mobile marketing needsI help my clients with their mobile phone marketing and text message marketing needs.

I have teamed up with a highly experienced group of national mobile phone marketers and local business marketing experts.

I have picked their collective brains (and tapped into their well developed and highly effective mobile marketing software).

This allows me to remain at the forefront of the technology changes shaping this industry.

New England Online Marketing utilizes the latest online marketing techniques for their clientsArmed with this information, technology and support, I have set out to provide what I consider to be the most valuable service to small business owners for the next decade.

Mobile marketing to customers is a quickly growing trend and one that I believe will provide the small businesses in this country with the opportunity to flourish even during a wayward economy.

Local search marketing has increased in importance as your customers are using every type of mobile device available to search the web for the products and services they need and want.

This is combined with the fact that the major search engines are placing more importance on “local” results to enhance their users overall experience.

This is critical information to businesses that are are based in New England. Having your business website listed at the top of your customer’s search results is the key to your success.

I have developed the skills and resources of a large mobile marketing company and combined them with the personal touch of a local small business, just like the people of New England have come to expect.

To that end, I look forward to helping the local businesses throughout New England in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Rhode Island.

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