Social Media Marketing for Local Businesses

The need for local businesses of every shape and size to be part of the social media scene can not be overstated.

New England Online Marketing helps local businesses on FacebookThe bottom line is, your customers are on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickrjust to name a few… if you’re not, you can’t effectively reach your customers.

Being on these social media site helps you to build your brand.

Branding is where a business uses their company’s name as a product name. By doing so, the business attempts gain “brand equity” and build brand recognition.

Some local businesses do this very effectively.

For example, in most every town, in any state across the country, you can ask a question like, “where’s the best pizza in town?”

You will almost always get the locals to give you the same answer.


Because the local pizza shop built a great local brand with high quality food, competitive pricing, good customer service and a great community & online presence.

The benefits of social media marketing as part of a local small business marketing plan continue to grow daily.

Let’s look at some of the staples:

  • Social Media allows a business to increase it’s trustworthiness by creating a public place where its customers can interact with the business and vice-versa without having to come into the actual “brick and mortar” building.
  • Social Media helps a business to get new customers. As a business interacts with its customers, friends and family can see these interactions and will often start to “follow” or “like” the business so they too can jump on board.
  • Social Media helps a business promote its products of services. Businesses can also run “specials” or “promotions” on these sites. This gives the business a laser targeted audience, most of whom have already proved themselves as buyers.
  • Social Media allows businesses to get feedback from their customers. This can help the business provide better products or services which are in demand, thus increasing their sales.

Social Media gives businesses a great ROI. By properly interacting with you customers, (where they’re already at) on their favorite social media platform, you build brand awareness and customer loyalty.

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