The Benefits Of Video Marketing For Local Business

New England Online Marketing offers video marketing options for local business throughout New England

The use of video marketing to local businesses is common place today.

This is primarily because customers prefer to watch a quick video instead of reading a short article.

However, for the local business, this method has the additional benefit of being able to bring large amounts of traffic to a website and convert them into customers.

3 Reasons For Using This Strategy For Your Business

Promote Your Products & Services This is a cost effective method of advertising any service or product. As consumers we are already socialized to watching ads, heck, some people watch the Super Bowl just for the commercials!

Using video is a very effective way of giving detailed descriptions and demonstrating visually how your product or service is better than your competition.

This kind of showcasing creates an immediate connection with your customers and allows you to put your best foot forward.

Help Your Customers Make A Buying Decision With the increasing use of mobile devices by consumers, it is possible for a local business to gain almost instant popularity with a product or service due to the viral nature of the internet.

How many times have you recently seen a video “go viral” in some cases overnight?

About 70 percent of your customers browse videos each and every day!

Over 85% of your customers do research online before buying!

This is true whether you own a retail store or a restaurant. The bottom line is, your customers are looking for deals and the internet gives them almost unlimited opportunities to find them.

Let your videos direct them to your best products and services!

New England Online Marketing helps local businesses engage their customers with videoEngage Your Customers Besides the obvious use of promoting your products and services, you can also use video to provide important company information to your customers, answer a customer question or concern, promote charitable work in the community and much more.

These types of videos often take on a life their own and spark your customers to engage with your business, which is the key to sustained success!

The personal nature of this approach is more appealing than reading an article on your website and causes your customer to want to engage your business even when they are not there!

They can see a face, hear a voice and still get that “human” interaction which benefits your bottom line.

Make Video Part Of Your Business

Regardless of what business you are in, using video as a method of marketing is imperative!

It gets your business in front of more of your existing customers as well as new customers more quickly and effectively that just about any other medium.

Video also provides you a cost effective, as well as efficient means of engaging your existing customer base to increase your bottom line and create a great ROI.

Make Video Marketing The Centerpiece of Your Business Model

Make Video Work For You NOW!